I think


The world we live in has its own limits. The lives that we live has its own limits. In reality, things do not occur like we imagine or we wish. Because of all the external physical factors; they bring limitations and randomness. Our minds doesn't have those limits predefined in brain. Some can get quite frustrated by that.

The entire universe is built upon a set of limitations. Like c, the speed of light. According to special relativity, c is the maximum speed at which all conventional matter and hence all known forms of information in the universe can travel in space and time. What kind of ultimate reality, the ultimate truth would have such predefined constant limits? There must be something beyond. But anyway, we are stuck in this simulation. In this bubble. With some set of physical rules and limitations.

On the other hand, the universe is vast, there are almost infinite number of possibilities, particles, forces, waves... The universe is so vast (and funnily, limited at the same time), we can only observe it up to a range. But within this range, for our scale, there are infinite things to discover, to feel and to experience.

Now, think about the life you are living. Think about all the actions with the consequences that you didn't sign up for. All the external factors, limits, randomness and the possibilities. Life works like this. And we are part of it.